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Butterfly Jacket

This is me wearing my Butterfly Jacket.  The fabric is 3 ply lambswool yarn which I machine knitted as one long piece at a loose tension until the yarn ran out.  It was then felted in the washing machine and cut out using a dressmaking pattern.  The pieces were embroidered using my Husvarna Viking sewing/embroidery machine (a Designer 1 at the time) before assembly.  It's toastie warm, very distinctive, and I've had a number of offers to buy it, but it's not for sale!

Here's a closer picture of one of the motifs.  They all come from the same HV disk, 'Butterflies' (no 47) by Margit Grimm.  The butterflies are 'mirrored' on the fronts, back and sleeves so that the whole jacket is symmetrical.  I hadn't had the machine very long at the time, so it was a good way to get familiar with its embroidery functions.

Possum Jumper

This jumper was created as an entry for The Guild of Machine Knitters' annual competition in 2007, and as you can see won a Highly Commended.  The yarn is from Jamie Possum (http://shop.jamiepossum.com/index.asp) and is their Possum Plus yarn in oatmeal (20% New Zealand possum fur spun with 80% New Zealand lambswool), which is a DK yarn and beautifully soft.  Possum fibre is hollow, making it a good insulator for both the heat and cold.  The garment design is my own, although the cabled owls are taken from the book 'Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters' by Susan Guagliumi.  They are a bit of 'magic' as you don't really see the owl until you add the beads for the eyes, and then they appear!  The brown owls in the diamond cables are swiss darned (same yarn in chocolate), adapted from a cross stitch pattern.  The hem, cuffs and neckband are hand knitted in garter stitch.  The rest of the garment was knitted at tension 9 on a Knitmaster 560 machine.

Nada's Jacket

This is a picture of a jacket that I made for a friend at work.  She liked the things that I wore with embroidery on them, so asked me if I would make something for her to wear.  I already had the buttons in my 'stash' and had often wondered if I would ever have occasion to use them, but they were perfect for this!